Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Continuous flow Never runs out of hot water.
Powerful Free flowing at mains pressure. Powerful enough to run two showers at the same time.
Wireless remote control No wiring to install. Remotes can be added at any time.
Electronic scald protection Reduces the risk of scalding. No need for expensive tempering valves.
Pre-emptive control Responds rapidly to changes in water flow, to maintain set temperature.
High efficiency The most economical water heater available. Operates satisfactorily on low pressure gas supplies.
Clean combustion Reduction in greenhouse gas. Less CO2 than solar with electric boost.
Competitively priced Excellent value for money.
Australian made Money stays in Australia. Replaces imports.
Compact design Takes up little space compared with storage and solar water heaters.
Maintenance free No need for routine maintenance or regular servicing.
Dual fuel NG/LPG Conversion only requires minor adjustment of mixture.