The Merlin 600E sounds almost too good to be true. How much does it cost?

The retail price for the Merlin 600E is $1400.00 including GST and the remote controllers are $110.00 each including GST.

Is Merlin available in a range of sizes?

The Merlin 600E is powerful enough for the very largest homes and yet, performs just as efficiently in situations where hot water demand is low. Since nothing would be gained by installing a smaller unit in low demand situations, the Merlin 600E is the ideal size for any application and is therefore, the only size we manufacture.

Where can I buy a Merlin water heater?

Merlin products can be purchased directly from us over the phone, or by specifying to your plumber or builder that you want a Merlin installed. We will deliver your new Merlin water heater to anywhere in the metropolitan area (within 30 KM of the Perth GPO) free of charge.

Where is the Merlin 600E manufactured?

The Merlin 600E is manufactured in our factory in Belmont, Western Australia.

Is this an overseas design that is just being labeled and packed here?

No. The Merlin 600E is entirely a Western Australian innovation and design. The same team which has developed this impressive design is now involved in its manufacture, here in WA.

Is the Merlin 600E powerful enough for a large home with more than one bathroom?

Yes. The Merlin 600E is suitable for large homes and is powerful enough to run two showers at once.

The Merlin 600E seems to be a very sophisticated product. Does this necessitate any special maintenance requirements?

No. Merlin's high-tech yet simple design has been engineered to give years of trouble free service, without the need for routine maintenance.

Are there any special installation requirements?

No. Any plumber qualified to install gas water heaters will have no difficulty installing a Merlin. Installation requirements are essentially the same as for similar appliances and detailed installation instructions are included with the water heater.

Merlin claims to be 95% efficient. How does this compare with similar water heaters?

The previous benchmark established by our nearest competitor is 80%.

Can the Merlin 600E operate on bottled gas?

Yes. The Merlin 600E is certified for use with universal LPG. It will operate at the rated efficiency of 95% on a variety of gas mixtures from pure propane though to pure butane, and anywhere in between.

Does the Merlin 600E have a pilot flame?

No. Ignition is electronic. When the hot water tap is off, no gas is being consumed.

What is scald protection?

Scald protection limits the thermal energy delivered at the hot water outlet, to prevent burns from scalding. It relates to the accuracy and response time of the controlling device, under transient conditions.

What is the purpose of remote controllers?

Remote controllers are not necessary to operate the unit, but are strongly recommended as they provide greater control, comfort, convenience and economy. For example, setting the temperature on the controller and using just the hot water tap, will maintain the set shower temperature, regardless of changes in inlet water temperature or fluctuations in pressure and flow caused by other users turning hot or cold taps on and off.

Is the Merlin 600E suitable for older areas where the gas pressure is very low?

Yes. Merlin's unique technology and low nominal gas consumption of just 152MJ/h, means that the Merlin 600E is the perfect choice for older suburbs where gas pressures are typically too low for other continuous flow water heaters to be viable.

I am building a new house and the water heater needs to go on the narrow side of the property, where access is tight. How far will the Merlin 600E protrude from the wall?

The depth of the Merlin 600E when surface mounted is 270mm. However, in new construction, the Merlin water heater can be recessed into the wall cavity using our specially developed recess box. This not only reduces the protrusion by the depth of the cavity, it also tidies up the installation by concealing the pipe work etc.

With respect to hot water systems, what is meant by the term “continuous flow”?

Continuous flow is a term which has been applied to the new, more powerful, controllable breed of instantaneous gas-fired water heaters. The name comes from their ability to supply a continuous flow of hot water at close to mains pressure, whereas the older, less powerful instantaneous models could be referred to as continuous trickle.

Out of concern for the environment, I am considering installing a solar water heater, but now I am told that Merlin produces less greenhouse gas than solar with electric boost. How can this be true?

Based on the Western Australian Government's own figures in support of solar water heaters, it can be seen that the expected CO2 emissions for a typical solar water heater with electric boost would be approximately 1.138 tonnes per annum, based on the coal-generated electricity consumed. For the same amount of hot water delivered, the Merlin 600E emits about 1.125 tonnes. In view of the above, it would be difficult to make a case in support of electric boosted solar over a Merlin 600E on environmental grounds, and even more difficult on economic grounds.